The village of Montségur is a typical mountain habitat built in “soulane”. The houses form long terraces and are all facing the sun so as to gain the maximum heat.

These houses, two to three stories high, are covered with canal tiled roofs, that from the surrounding ridges, give the appearance of large parallel and uniform bars. The walls of some of the houses have carved stones “recovered” in the nineteenth century from the castle.

The streets are narrow and you can still see some “cantou”, kind of wooden bridges/barns built over the streets, connecting the houses together.

The church is typical of similar villages in the Ariège valleys. A bell-wall for the bells, a flat chevet and a single nave. Inside is a magnificent 17th century painting that has been recently restored.

Another must see in the village, is view point of Carroulet, from where one has a dominating view of the Lasset gorge.

132 people, including 15 young children live year-round in the village.

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