Municipal decree n° 31-17 of 07/02/2018 prohibiting the flying of the drones in the commune (pog, castle, village, natura 2000 area, Regional Nature Reserve).

2021 Season

Conduct of visits

There are free public guided tours from 1st May to 30th June and from 1st September to 30th September every weekend and all public holidays. In July and August they are every day at 11h, 13h, 15h and 16h30, (in the courtyard of the castle).

If the visit is disrupted due to very bad weather, tour will take place in the museum at a given time. In the same way, for the elderly or people with difficulty walking to the castle, the guided tour can, by reservation, be taken in the premises of the museum (seated) or at the foot of the castle.

Since the community has its own guide available all year round, the intervention of outside guides is not allowed, except for foreigners. For these audiences, generally, the guide of the group ensures the translation of the commentary of our guide. For school audiences, the guide naturally adapts its presentation to this type of audience and the average age of students. We draw the attention of tour group organizers to the fact that a full tour of the site includes visiting the castle and visiting the museum, and that there are a number of constraints that must be taken into account when assessing the overall time to devote to the visit of the Montségur site.

The visit of the museum is the essential complement to understand what has been seen on the site of the castle and in the case of a commented visit, understand what was presented by the guide. However, ignoring the existence of a museum that is the busiest in Ariège, it appears that many organizers of group visits underestimate the time required for this visit, thus displeasing their clientele.

Booking for guided tours

(Excluding the fixed tours on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays in May, June and September, and every day in July and August) Guided tours are only available from 20 paying persons. In the case where the group does not reach 20 people, the guided tour is however possible by application of the minimum rate 20 people, or 130 € The bookings for guided tours to the castle or the museum are to be carried out with Fabrice CHAMBON, guide -Local address Phone 05 61 01 06 94 Fax 05 61 03 11 27 Email Pre-booking is possible, specifying a validity date beyond which the reservation is no longer registered if there was no confirmation.

Free of charge places

For all visits, and for a group of 20 paid admissions, one free entry for the escort and one for the bus driver are allowed. Beyond 20, a free of charge place is given for each 20 paying entries. In the case of school groups, admissions of additional attendants who are not admitted free of charge are charged at the adult group rate (as applicable).

Payment terms

The payment can be made:
• either on the spot, at the time of the delivery of the tickets. Payment by cash, credit card or cheque issued on a bank in France only. A receipt may be issued upon request.
• after the group has passed, upon receipt of the invoice that will be sent to you. In this case, in advance please inform our secretary by fax (05 61 03 11 27) by sending an order to him: the ticket office will be informed of the passage of the group and will ask the head of the group to sign a commitment of payment, specifying the number of people paying. An invoice will be issued later, and payment must be made immediately.

Miscellaneous for school groups

A picnic area is available at the south exit of the village (direction Bélesta), P.A.J. (camping) offering running water and sanitary facilities. In case of bad weather a municipal room can be rented in the village, with tables and benches.